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I've caught the straight razor bug pretty hard. I've been pretty lucky, though, and I've ended up with 5 good razors for very reasonable expense.  I imagine I will get a couple more, as well. I'd like to try a wedge and/or near wedge. And I would really like to get these ones re-scaled at some point, because they are all good shavers with different attributes and worth hanging on to for a while.

[Image: u4qQJ18.jpg]

Starting from top left:

Plato 4/8 "Janice" half hollow(I think)
Torrey 5/8 full hollow
Geneva Cutlery 5/8 extra hollow
Taylor Eye Witness 5/8 half hollow
Gold Dollar 300 6/8 full hollow

The Torrey is my favorite, followed pretty closely by the Taylor Eye witness. Both are very smooth razors. The Torrey is a bit more efficient and has a really nice sound. The Taylor is a lot smoother, but isn't quite as efficient. I really like how solid it feels too.

Anyhow...That's my modest collect. Nothing fancy but I'm happy with all of them.

Your turn!  Show off your straights!
-Chris~Head Shaver~
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I will bite!

So I currently have two straights, I have had more in the past but found it was not worth it as I don't get loads of time to use them.

My two are:

Kropp 5/8 - I found this without a set of scales but the blade was in immaculate condition so I had the scales made.

Wade & Butcher 6/8 - Very similar story, blade in great condition but the scales were a mess so I had them removed and new ones made.

[Image: mcMnhtX.jpg]
Oli AKA Windsor Citrus
Surrey, UK.
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Surrey, UK
Hoshi Tombo 8500

[Image: SU1BRzA5MjYuanBn_zpspdccfk3h.jpg]

13/16 Tanifuju Fukutaro Cape Kennedy NT-77

13/16 Eiko YSK.2

[Image: SU1BRzA5MjUuanBn_zps0ibianvc.jpg]

13/16 Houken 66

R.Saito SK3

[Image: SU1BRzA5MjQuanBn_zpsnnbmpjv0.jpg]

13/16 J.A. Henckels Friodur 472

15/16 Filarmonica JMP Novodur 14

[Image: SU1BRzA5MjcuanBn_zpsqnindyvl.jpg]

6/8 Arthur Muller Bismarck (pre Dovo)

13/16 C.V. Heljestrand MK No.33

[Image: SU1BRzA5MjMuanBn_zpsmmdzrax7.jpg]
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Optometrist absolutely beautiful collection of razors.
Oli AKA Windsor Citrus
Surrey, UK.
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I don't have any straights to take a picture of at the moment.

Ralf Aust 6/8 French Point - out being rehoned

GD-300- purchased from the Stallion and in transit.

Will take a picture when that are both back in the den.
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[Image: BXZKZbN.jpg]

Joseph Rodgers and Sons 6/8 Master Razor No.1
I've had this for a little while now but never reach for it. I just prefer a DE razor. It's a shame really because it's a nice razor. It will have to make its way in to someone else's hands soon.
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Austin, TX
Beautiful straights all- I love seeing these, both old and new.
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Surrey, UK
(05-02-2016, 01:20 PM)WindsorCitrus Wrote: Optometrist absolutely beautiful collection of razors.

Thank you, Oli.
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That Bald Guy with the Big Beard
Bishop, CA
Y'all are making me drool...

Tough to beat a pretty straight.

Thabks fir playing along!

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-Chris~Head Shaver~
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I don't have pictures of all of my straight razors.  Some are pretty generic though.
1.  Gold Dollar
2. Dovo Best Quality -- black scales.
3. Ralf Aust 5/8
[Image: OHZUvO6.jpg]
4. I do have this vintage Clover razor
[Image: z8hJ3Ab.jpg]
5.  One similar to this is on it's way to me now.  It's a Ralf Aust 7/8 with horn scales.
[Image: puSyKV7.jpg]
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