I decided to purchase a silvertip knot and 2-band knot from Envy Shave before I had received the DFS LE synthetic I ordered, and didn't get around to installing them into a handle until just today. Already have had a chance to use my fabulous DFS LE synethic, but I'll be just as glad when I get to use these all!

[Image: GEkgoS1_zpsfksyffpg.jpg]

The P8 handle is one I purchased from Rudy Vey with a 26mm Romera Premium Silvertip knot, the middle is a Whipped Dog goblet handle with a 22mm Envy Shave silvertip knot, and the last is a Whipped Dog amber tall handle with a 22mm Envy White supreme badger knot. I'm not usually a fan of most knots you can buy, but Nathan's looked superb, and they feel great in person, and I suspect they'll perform every bit as good as I think they will!

Thanks Nathan!

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Looking good!

Did the tall amber handle take the 22mm Envy White without modification?

Nice trio there.
Shave yourself.
Thank you kindly, sir.

yes, the tall amber handle had no problems at all as it was a 24mm handle. My first one I requested the handle to be drilled down too low. The hole measures about 25.5mm in diameter. I could've used that for the Romera knot but it would've required sanding down as well.

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Lovely trio of brushes! Happy2
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A great set of brushes.  Looking forward to your impressions after you have the opportunity to put them through some shaves.

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