Does anyone know of a shop that has shaving supplies (other than Bic, aerosols and an occasional Williams cake) in the Saratoga / Lake George / Albany area of NY?

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Welcome to DFS, Ron. I have not heard of one though that does not mean it doesn't exist. I think it is safe to say that most of us do the bulk of our shaving supply shopping on line. Though convenient, it can be chancy when wondering what a particular soap, aftershave, etc. smells like. However, many members will use the Buy/Sell/Trade (B/S/T) here to sell a product that they decide might not be for them. The nearest store I can think of would be Pasteur Pharmacy in New York City. They have two shops in Manhattan.
I live near Rochester NY and i haven't found anything yet, except Art of Shaving in the malls and in Syracuse. Like Freddy mentioned, Pasteurs in NYC. They're pretty much the shaving mecca of the East

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If you're in Rochester, check out Historic House Parts on South Ave. No joke.
Thanks for that! Just checked out the site looks like they have a good selection of older PAA tins and some shave kits. Ill drive down there on my next day off

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