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(03-15-2016, 11:24 AM)TSEvangelist Wrote: https://youtu.be/JYWeqGTBTpc

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This is my favorite scent that they offer, absolutely love it and the aftershave to boot. You don't hear CF come up on there very often but, in my estimation, one of the best soaps out there is performance, scent, etc. The only downside is price but, at 15.00 its competitive with that "second tier price" soap out there. This is one of my favorite soaps out there... Love it. I also LOVE the big container with the big lid that makes lathering a breeze... that's the one gripe I have with some soaps out there (see BM Latha Line for example) lathering with a large brush in that line is a royal PAIN because in my view, the container is too small.... but, the latha line is still great. Just wish they put it in a larger container.

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Thanks for the review TSEvangelist , that is a sweet looking razor. Ghost Town Barber is the only Chiseled Face soap I own and I find it quite nice. I tend to avoid traditional "barbershop" scents but the ones that I've tried, like Ghost Town Barber and also Stirlings Barbershop scent have caused me to question my reluctance to try Barbershop scents. Thanks,

I guess I'll be the dissenting voice here. Granted, I haven't tried the soap (Ghost Town Barber), but the aftershave is "meh" at best. It is far too sweet and perfumey for my taste. Scents are so subjective though. I did use a sample of their Redneck soap and really enjoyed it. Very strange scent, but the soap performed very well. One of their aftershaves I do like a lot is Sherlock.
- Jeff

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