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Shaving Soap Review: Stirling Executive Man https://youtu.be/aezf_TKHTVc
I tried stirling about a year and a half ago and really liked them, then started buying a bunch of other stuff and kinda forgot about them. When they released their summer line I bought a bunch of soap and AS and remembered how good their stuff is. If you havent tried their after shaves they are really good too. Scent doesnt stick around for more then a few hours but the face feel is nice and not drying.
I had problems lathering Stirling at first, but now I really love these products. Their CS and fast shipping are AWESOME. From the time I hit purchase to the time it hit the mail box at my house is 72 hours... unless, of course I order towards the end of a week hehe.

Great value and a great product!

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