I'm sorry if this isn't the correct spot for this, but I couldn't find anything related.

So guys (and gals), what is your take on shaving oils? What was/is your experience? Just as a pre shave? Post shave? Replacing soap/cream entirely? What's your routine?

When I started wet shaving almost a year ago, I've tried using shaving oil and the results were not encouraging to put it mildly. Even found out I'm extremely allergic to Stirling bay rum pre shave oil.
No matter what, just as a pre shave, instead of a soap, with a brushless cream, etc. nothing worked. Changed amount used, amount of water, hot/cold, type of razor, you name it.

Yesterday I gave it a go once more and had one of the closest, smoothest, best shaves and the after shave face feel was awesome. The only problems encountered were how to remove the oil and leftover hairs from the razor, and it took forever to rinse all the tiny shaved hair that stuck to the oil on my face/neck (couldn't see it, but running a clean hand/cotton swab captured some on each pass).

The experience was so positive that I tried to find more data on shaving oils but didn't come up with much.

Your input is much appreciated, and in case I was blind and didn't see the huge section dealing with shaving oils, do point me in the right direction, thanks in advance.

I have been using either shave secret oil or Somersets shave oil as a light preshave. I like them over actual "preshave oils" because they do not clog my pores. I have been having hood results with it. They also have menthol so that's always good

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So far I've only found one oil that I could use on its own (and it's great!), without any cream or soap. I don't like using oil as a pre-shave personally, largely because it tends to mess with my lathers.

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I have never enjoyed using it, either. I didn't notice much of a difference when I did. However, YMMV. Shy

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At one time I used T&H Ultimate Comfort shaving oil and found it nice but expensive. Over the years, I used it less and now rarely use it.

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I am a big supporter of the use of pre shave oils. When they are used correctly then they will work. It makes me cringe when I hear people say it didn't appear to make my shaves any slicker and other excuses. It is not there to do that, it is there to condition the skin and soften the hairs. It should be applied minutes before the shave and left. I do this while building the lather in my brush. By the time you have done this the oil would have built up a very fine protective layer and soften the hairs. You can then wash off the excess oil with some water and then go straight in to your face lather.

I will admit that artisan oils tend to work a lot better than other mass produced oils. My favourites are Maggards Pre Shave Oil and Mickey Lee SoapWorks Pre Shave Butter which is a butter but does the same thing.

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When I first started shaving with a DE razor I was a big fan of shave oils and bought Shave Secret, Somerset, and Maggards Cherry Sandalwood. I have since switched to using the Myrsol Antisol and Emulsion products as a pre shave and find them to be far better. The oils seemed to have an effect on the slickness of some of the soaps that I use. I mean you get a slickness obviously from from the shave oil but IMHO it's not as good as the slickness that us found in many of today's artisan soaps. I also didn't find that the skin conditioning was anywhere near as good as the Myrsol products, but then again neither was the price! The only oil I have that gets an occasional use would be the Somerset and that's because it doesn't seem to be as thick as the Shave Secret or Maggards.

WindsorCitrus I had not really paid much attention as to how long the oil was on my face before starting the shave as you suggested. I will have to give that a shot and see if I see an improvement.

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I am in the pro pre-shave oil camp. I have a trimmed/groomed beard that I wear year round, but I still have to shave my cheeks and neck regularly to keep it groomed. My choice for pre-shave oil is the same oil I use to condition my beard. It does a great job softening the hair to be shaved as well as moisturizing the skin and providing a nice pre-shave layer of protection. I always get great shaves, the oil works well with all the soaps I use (both vegan and tallow based) and I use it every shave.

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