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I don't see much talk or artisans making shaving creams. Honestly my cream use is limited to TOBs and I am much more into the soaps that artisans are putting out. Recently I've been looking into picking up a cream but I'm not sure what to get. Any recommendations?
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palmolive and nivea make great shaving creams. speick and latoja are pretty popular as well.

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There are so many good ones out there. MEM with olive oil (Israeli), I Coloniali Rhubarb, Proraso (in the tube), just to name a few.
Castle Forbes would be my suggestion. Very luxurious slick lather there. Draw back is the scents.
St James of London also makes a killer cream. I tried my friends Mandarin and patchouli. They also make a sandalwood and bergamot which smells like jermyn st by tobs, but their winner imo is the clarysage and cedar (smelled all these at straight razor design).
St. James of London looks like some good stuff for sure. Lots to choose from as well!

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Truefitt & Hill Ultimate Comfort. My favorite cream above all else, and definitely near the top of my 5 permanent shaving products. The stuff is absolutely unbelievable. I shaved with it this morning and it's so ridiculously slick and thick that I couldn't feel the blade at all. Even went ATG, which I NEVER do, and have absolutely no problems. One of the masterpieces of the shaving world.
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I wish I would of read about the T&H cream before I placed my order! I went with St. James of London Cedarwood and Clarysage for now!

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I'm working on a cream as a side project. It may or may not work out, though.

A true cream is difficult to make for an artisan. It's essentially a blend of a solid soap and a liquid soap that's been allowed to "rot" (terrible term for it) for about 6 months. It's absolutely possible for an artisan to make one, but the R&D process is long and the final cost is pretty high. They also tend to be more volatile than soaps, as they're prone to drying out and spoilage.

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(06-29-2015, 12:11 PM)Cazador Wrote: I wish I would of read about the T&H cream before I placed my order! I went with St. James of London Cedarwood and Clarysage for now!

You don't have to worry about buyers remorse. I have both a T&H and the St. James of London Cedarwood and Clarysage and think both are outstanding.

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