DFS Horizon Collaboration with Black Mountain Shaving. Going live on 11/17/23. Read more here!!

[Image: IMG-2805.jpg]
[Image: IMG-2804.jpg]
[Image: IMG-2803.jpg]
[Image: IMG-2801.jpg]
[Image: IMG-2802.jpg]
[Image: IMG-2800.jpg]
[Image: IMG-2799.jpg]
[Image: IMG-2798.jpg]
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Those are definitely interesting.

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Thank you so much

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That first one could become an iconic brush handle I feel. Turned from metal I assume?

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That first one it’s turned from aerospace grade aluminum and copper 
Thank you so much

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So where might a person aquire one of these?

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Very nice!

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Talking with me, I’m the one who made that brushes 
[Image: IMG-2806.jpg]

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