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So, the shavette ... making the one that takes half DE blades less hateful by using an injector blade ...

[Image: IMG_7474.JPG]

Looks kosher, but let's crack it open ...

[Image: IMG_7475.JPG]

... unless you can't see it, let's pull the blade out:

[Image: IMG_7477.JPG]

Nifty, eh?
Interesting idea. Did you just find it too harsh with the DE blades? What was your reason behind using the injector blades?
Head Shaver
I can't abide DE blades. It's the micro-chatter from how thin they are. I'm an SE shaver and although I've yet to find an injector that actually shaves me, I don't mind the blades at all in ... say, the Christy, or the Keen Kutter ... or this 'ere shavette. Thicker blades glean better results for me.
Interesting idea. Does it make it any more or less forgiving than using a standard DE blade snapped in half or about the same?

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VERY much so ...

Shaving with a half DE blade in a shavette is an utterly hateful experience ... the blade hates it, the shavette hates it and out of spite, they bite!

Drop in a slightly thicker blade, like the injector, and the whole experience becomes a much smoother ride altogether. Pleasurable, even? Still, nothing like a straight or even a disposable straight like a Weck, but certainly good enough.

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