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I have just started using their soaps and damn are they good!  I have forbiden forest, sweet almond milk, sweet meyer lemon, and just got green tobacco.  I really enjoy everything about these soaps, except sweet meyer lemon, smells like weed to me!  What are some scents that you have tried that you enjoyed?  What are the odds his aftershaves will make it to the USA?
How is the sweet almond milk? That sounds so appealing to me but only because I feel like I'm imaging a scent that I want it to. I'm imaging like a almond honey milk that's sweet and creamy.

The sweet almond milk is awesome. You have to stop yourself from taking a scoop out and eating it. If you like P.160 or cella, you will love sweet almond milk. To me it's very rich and decadent with cherries, almond and caramel. The caramel adds a great balance to the cherry and almond sweetness. Great soap.
Bob from Virginia
I have barber shop, Hubba Hubba, summer breeze, and Drogon noir. I really enjoy all the scents and the shaves.

San Francisco
I have the sandalwood. The scent is fantastic come, becomes more pronounced when lathered. It's somewhat similar to the CRSW sandalwood. Great soap.


Fort Smith, Arkansas
Looking forward to trying your soap.

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