I decided to make my inaugural shave for the year my group buy shavemac and it made me think ... What better way to say thanks for the group buys than to post pics of our new brushes ... So let's see the different options picked and post those pics from the shavemac group buys so thanks Teiste and Bernd

[Image: SCNEHw3.jpg]

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Wow that's a nice brush, wish I had gotten one.

Austin, TX
Agreed on a great opportunity from Teiste and appreciate Bernd coordinating as well. Here are mine:

[Image: t9dvxvbl.jpg]

Although I generally like larger knots, both are solid performers and fun to use!

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Seattle, WA
These are the two that I got through the group buy. Very nice brushes.
[Image: 6YliATV.jpg][Image: gqNh3JU.jpg]

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