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Hello gentlemen.I asked Andrew permission to post this here.Im organizing a group buy with shavemac to get the amazing new silvertip two band hair.This was first thought as a foroafeitado LE , but we decided to make it open to members of other groups and will be just a regular group buy.

So , if you are looking to try a shavemac silvertip two band , we have this offer from Bernd (shavemac) where we could choose between 3 handles (177 , 167 and 977) , 3 colors (ivory , black , tortoise shell) and between bulb or fan shape.

The brushes will have a set dimensions of 23 mm knot and 52 mm loft.

The price of a single brush will be 120 euros , less the 19% VAT if you live in USA and plus shipping (around 9 euros).

And you can order them here : http://www.shavemac.com/products/Custom-...p-Buy.html

Thank you very much to Bernd (shavemac) and hope you guys can take advantage of this offer.I have 3 of these shaving brushes and I can tell you have been my discovery for 2015.Amazing soft tips with great blackbone and flow.Reminds me of the first blonde badger that the old Morris and Forndran use to have (around 2010).

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A fantastic offering and brush at a great price. I have the same knot and size or I'd be all over it.

Nicely done Teiste and Bernd

All evidence has been buried, all tapes have been erased.

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San Francisco
An excellent offering. Thanks to Teiste and Bernd for making this available.

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Austin, TX
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Agreed! I have a couple 26mm bulb Silvertip 2-bands and they are arguably my absolute favorite brushes. Neither has lost a SINGLE hair either.

A joy to use- thanks for bringing this to DFS Teiste.

Greatly appreciated and will certainly jump in!

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Nice offering. I have a 26x52 fan which I really enjoy. For a 23mm would a bulb not be too floppy at 52mm? Ii would think that a fan might be a bit unruly at that loft.

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(I think I know who No.1 is!)
(10-16-2015, 05:31 PM)Number Six Wrote: Nice offering. I have a 26x52 fan which I really enjoy. For a 23mm would a bulb not be too floppy at 52mm? Ii would think that a fan might be a bit unruly at that loft.

A bulb with those specs would not be floppy. Also consider the Shavemac spec of 23mm knot will probably end up closer to 24mm.

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Gentleman , thank you for your kind words , but thanks to Bernd , who is truly a great man and brush maker.

I can tell you now that you wont regret getting these new silvertip two band brushes.No , the bul shape with 53 mm loft wont be floppy at all.I have one and performs amazin , but I can say the same about the other 2 shavemac silvertip two band fan shaped I have , one with a 49 mm loft and another with a 52.

Bernd with Lee Sabini are making the best shaving knots out there , for my like an taste , and I think this is a great chance to get an outstanding brush with a discount.

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Tulsa, OK
How long will this be available? This is nearly the same brush I ordered several months ago, and for a healthy discount! I may have to get another one in a different handle shape!
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I'd certainly be interested. I was a bit too late for the UK Shaving Room brush by shavemac recently so this gives me a 2nd bite of the cherry so to speak! I've never owned a fan shaped knot ,does anybody who owns them have any thoughts about them as opposed to the traditional bulb knot of which I already have a Shavemac brush in that style?
The fan shape is more suitable for making lather on the face with circular strokes , but honestly , you can use the bulb shaped one with same results.However I prefer the bulb one for bowl lathering and painting strokes.

This is a terrific offering from Shavemac.Hope you gentlemen can enjoy it.

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