Anyone have one? I have a nice handle but not thrilled with the knot so am thinking of a transplant. It will take a 24 mm knot. I have the two band Silvertip and so am looking for something different. I know the two band DO 1 is probably not a good fit for me, too firm and likely too much scritch. I'm thinking a fan knot at about 24x50. Any one have anything like that? First post here, looks like a good forum!

I've had a couple of different brushes with D01 3 band knots in them and I think they are excellent. They do seem to be bigger than the specified size so you might order a 23 to be safe.
Love the DO1 3-band. Seems to get overlooked since the 2-band silvertip came out. You will not regret it.

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I own all the 4 Different Silvertip knots in two versions- bulb and fan shape. 8 brushes total.
Love them all.
I'm a big Shavemac fan.
Cheers, Claus from Denmark

Vancouver, WA USA
The Shavemac D01 3-band is quite dense, but made from very fine hairs with soft tips.  This combination when set too low can be very scrubby, to the point where some users actually experience irritation, some even calling it "scritchy".  If the knot is set a bit higher so that the individual hairs have the ability to flex independently rather than being restricted then the knot should feel feather soft and still very plush and resilient.  I have owned a few and my first was an Americana which had a 26mm fan knot set at 47mm loft (my measurements).  While I didn't experience any irritation using that brush, it was like lathering with a large cotton swab with virtually no splay or flexibility.  Learning my lesson I then purchased a "20mm" fan model 177 (which actually measured 23mm by my calipers) with a 48mm loft.  This 23x47 combination is excellent allowing me to enjoy all the luxuries of a very dense knot without having any of the annoying side-effects of the same. My current D01 Silvertip can be seen here in the back row far left:

[Image: 6VtUcdg.jpg]

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