Beautiful Shavemac Custom 2 Band Silvertip brush. 26mm knot with a 50mm loft. Super soft gel tips and great backbone. Purchased directly from Shavemac in February and used 4-5 times. I'm asking for  £120 including 2nd class postage within the UK. I will post internationally if buyer pays additional fee. Payment via PayPal. Will also trade for Paladin brushes.

[Image: 7b8329a452c6e3945e79e7b2eb9117d6.jpg]

[Image: 79067870bb86bdcf53ebe71df90fabcf.jpg]

[Image: 473a3bc652e1ca67755ca33f9cd22b85.jpg]

[Image: 721489b3fe63bff4cfaa2a9e4af7dfb6.jpg]

[Image: 3a4279584e94049bed8aecce5cb199e8.jpg]
SOLD! Thank you buyer and DFS.

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