DFS AMA with Chatillon Lux on June 4th, 2017. Read more here.

My first order direct from Shavemac.

26x50 Silvertip D01 2Band
Flat Top
Rubberset 400 type handle in Abyss

I've wanted a flat for a while. They just look so unique. And the abyss color has a lot of shiny pearlescent that's hard to capture. I'm really smitten with this brush.

Posing next to my new ATT Calypso R

[Image: 4758e010f560a80f37c15be490191f80.jpg]
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I don't see that handle option on the Shavemac website. Did you send them a handle from a different maker?
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Someone on another forum got one made so I asked Berndt if he could do it. I didn't order through the Shavemac site.
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Its a beauty for sure, have you used it yet? I'm curious to hear your thoughts on the flat top aspect as opposed to the bulb. I have a fan shaped (sort of flat top) Thater that I quite like and it performs much differently than the bulb shape Thaters. Floppier but in a good way, it can whip up a lather like nobody's business.
Beautiful brush, Sleeper!

Marko, I've got several flat tops, and have grown fond of them, as I find they work well for face lathering. The bulb-shaped brushes just don't do it for me for face lathering, but fine for bowl lathering. Something about the 'bulge' in the brush-I don't get the 'wall of badger' feeling I like. A hybrid like the Simpson Chubby shape, works well for me either for face (most of my shaves) or bowl (once in a while) lathering.
All the best,

Michael P
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I haven't used it yet. I'm currently working on a 30mm Manchurian Brad Sears.
I prefer fan over bulb and I wanted to see who this would compare. I'll probably dig into it next month (I do this weird 30 day rotation thing... I don't know why...)
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Vintage Razor Fan
Southwestern NY
Beautiful brush! Congrats!

I would be interested in your thoughts once you have a chance to use the brush.

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