Can proraso shave soap be used with gillette's most top of the line cartridge razor?  If so, if we were to compare proraso shave soap being used with a top of the line gillette razor vs gillette foamy menthol which was gonna be used with a cordless foil shaver in the shower, which of the two would leave less chemicals, residue, additives, synthetic ingredients, ect... on our face?  Would anyone be up to the challenge of giving me their opinion which of these two would leave a cleaner, sanitary, hygienic face with less germs, bacteria?  Any safety razor users here?

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HoosierShave I predict He ^^^^^ is a Spammer

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I don't even understand what he is asking. There are multiple questions all mixed together with multiple variables.

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I think Miguel is asking this:

Which set up would leave his face cleaner: (a) Proraso and an excellent Gillette cartridge razor, or (b) Gillette Menthol Foam with an electric razor?

These are deep waters, far beyond my ken. I think the answer would have to lie in a Petri dish.

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