A few months ago I stumbled upon a brick and mortar store named "Rituels" in Quebec City that sold a range of shaving supplies.  This was more a of a boutique than a full fledged store but I was able to pick up this beauty made by Chris of Shave Smith.

I've been asked for some picture in the past, but never produced.  I had a few minuets this weekend, so I dusted of the old DSLR and snapped some quick pictures.

[Image: 2lpUwkI.jpg]

[Image: xaLdPHn.jpg]

[Image: DxLAiiW.jpg]

[Image: p8pIee5.jpg]

[Image: BLWhaEN.jpg]

[Image: 1mPEzVp.jpg]

[Image: 0MAuZXa.jpg]

[Image: ivZZaOm.jpg]

[Image: OD60IgM.jpg]

[Image: myzXGaK.jpg]

[Image: GdJqzLw.jpg]

[Image: g0VKpJf.jpg]

[Image: piS8OGj.jpg]

[Image: NRhFoOA.jpg]

[Image: sDNqTBg.jpg]
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Thanks for the pics - it's a great looking razor

What are those scales made of?

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Although I don’t shave with straight razors, I follow ShaveSmith on Instagram, and his creations are simply astounding works of art, just like your razor in these photos. Well worth checking out ShaveSmith.com on the web or _shavesmith_ on Instagram.
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