This is my first synthetic brush I bought and used. I've always used badger and boar. I must say WOW, what a performer! And very soft on the face. I really love the brush and will probably always be my go to brush. I was debating on a whipped dog synth or a stirling synth which I will now probably purchase so I can compare them all. The brush came with a free SR soap, which in fact is more like a cream. It was a decent performer. I will post a pic of my brush later when I get home.

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I haven't tried that one yet, but I recently got the Stirling and love it. I very happily only use synthetics.

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[Image: 11ac6cedc94f4a397d8648fd1aede82f.jpg]

Here it is

I got this brush about a week ago and its great, stellar performance. The soap that came with it is great as well. I have no complaints with it. It's my biggest brush at 24mm so I just have to learn how to adjust water with it. Only other one I have is the fine synthetic and they both perform really well.

[Image: a6358a88e86aa66a9e02c8efd8ecbdb8.jpg]

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It's a beaut
I just received that same brush yesterday. Shaved with it yesterday and today and love it. I'm just starting so I don't have much experience or others to compare; but, it sure is a lot softer and easier to use than the badger that came in the AOS kit.
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Little update on my SR synthetic.. It appears that the brush has been deformed some how.. I have shaved with it about 5 times now and the fibers have seemed to deformed or shed.
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Original photo of brush is in post #3
I noticed with my brush that the fiber is so light and soft that they don't return to neutral if they are not completely free of soap and water. Did you rinse it out really well?
Yes I did a really good cleaning today and it's only getting worse
Shave Revolution took care of me and are sending another brush, they said it looks like the original was a factory defect. Shave revolution has fantastic customer service

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