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Secretary Ramsey put his foot into it yesterday . . . in the course of his remarks he said that California “needs water and better society.”  “So does h-ll,” yelled someone in the crowd.  

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Actually, I think the hobo shave, is just using a Wahl detail trimmer to take the beard down to a 30-seconds of an inch. Because when you don't have running water anymore, and can only use bottled water you buy at the store, DE and straight razor shaving become a luxury. Even if you only shave with a detail trimmer or electric shaver, your miles ahead of the rest. But once you can literally DE shave, well now your rich, cause thats how the shave will make you feel, when you got a BBS.

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One practice that became common back in the Depression years was prolonging the life of razor blades by honing/stropping them. Razor blades were comparatively expensive back then, especially if you were not fortunate enough to have a steady job. Unemployment affected about a third of the population. Although there were devices sold to facilitate honing/stropping of razor blades, one method used for DE blade was to press them against the inside of a ceramic coffee cup and move them back and forth to hone the edge of the blade. Then the blade would be turned over to hone the other side. Back then, razor blades were made of carbon steel and were uncoated, so they were subject to rust. The honing would remove any rust that might have accumulated. This made for a more comfortable shave. Fortunately, today most razor blades are made of stainless steel and are coated. Although some blades can be expensive, many are relatively inexpensive when purchased in bulk. Using a coffee cup to extend the life of our blades is not necessary for most of us.  
Some people even subscribe to the one and done practice for blades.

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