Looking to thin out my den. For ease - you get all the below for $65 shipped

Taylor of Old Bond Bowl
Taylor of Old Bond Sandalwood - 75%
Taylor of Old Bond Lime - 75%
Taylor of Old Bond Lavender - 75%
Taylor of Old Bond Jermayne St - unused
Imperial Barber - unused
PAA CAD w/ menthol pre shave (and tin) - used twice
PAA Chocolate Bourbon - 75%
Caties Bubbles LTV in wooden bowl
Caties Bubbles LMR in wooden bowl
Sterling Apple CIder with tin - 100%
Sterling Bay Lime aftershave - 80%
Sterling Lemon Chill aftershave - 90%
Creamo Shave Cream - unused

Badger hair brush
Imperial Barber Travel boar brush

[Image: iQgDUpW.jpg][Image: aITdg8r.jpg]
[Image: 0384d03c94908667d2cb2702ce74fd83.jpg][Image: c7125c8193f7b309df6d9d42f95cb3d0.jpg]
Lots of good stuff here... Great price too

If it splits I'd be interested in the LMR & CaD preshave
Great deal here
Still no takers
Sold! Thank you sumomike.

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