So, my better half’s grandsons have asked several times about all the brushes, soaps, razors, etc. they see when they come to visit.

One has been shaving for a while, the other is just about to start.

I didn’t want to push wet shaving on them, but they kept asking if I could show them how to use a brush, and what was up with all the razors.

I thought about this for a bit, and decided I’d put a little kit together for each of them. I wanted to give them an easy-to-use kit, so they wouldn’t get frustrated.

The brush was easy-a Stirling 26mm synthetic. Easy to use, virtually foolproof.

Each of them got a TOBS cream (again very easy to lather) and a Stirling soap for a bit of a challenge.

The razor was a tricky decision. I wanted safety to be the first priority, didn’t want to overwhelm them, so I went with a RazoRock TTO. Inexpensive, so they could knock it around, easy to load, etc.

Blades were also tricky. I use Feathers almost exclusively, but I had some Derbies, Rockwells, and Polsilvers lying around. I wasn’t going to include the Feathers, but they asked what I used, and I told them Feathers, but that they were exceptionally sharp. Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve been a teenager, so I guess I’ve forgotten how keen they are for a challenge. So, they each got a tuck of Feathers as well.

Opted for the Prorazo AS balm to make post easy for them.

Yesterday, after dinner, we had a fun hour or so in the den, lather flying everywhere. I got to show them about setting the angle, gentle pressure, loading a brush, face lathering vs. bowl lathering. The older one would not stop until he did a full three-pass shave. He had been shaving with Harry’s razors, and I urged him to do a first pass with a safety razor, and then finish with the cart. And then move slowly to include a second pass, and then when he had those down, a third with the DE.

But he took to it like the proverbial duck to water, and did a very cautious, gentle-pressure, three pass shave.

Afterwards, he kept feeling his face and telling his grandmother that he’s never felt his skin feel that good.

I’ve got to tell you, it was very satisfying. We’ll see how it goes, if they maintain their interest, etc.

When my grandfather gave me my first Gillette back in 1970, with some Old Spice soap and a nondescript brush, I thought they were the most wonderful things in the world. I felt like it was a right of passage, learning to shave, to lather, to enjoy the shave, to be initiated into the art of ‘shaving like a man’.

I was so happy to continue that tradition. I’m sure I could have done better with selecting products, etc., but I enjoyed sharing our great hobby more than I can express.

[Image: QEFrIPo.jpg]

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Excellent news, Michael and congratulations on the possible converts! Happy

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Sounds like a wonderful time, and hopefully the young fellows are on their way to decades of great shaves!

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Whenever I go to shave, I assume there’s someone else on the planet shaving, so I say “I’m gonna go shave, too.”
– Mitch Hedberg
Yes, what is it with all the razors? Are these two going on to further education? Do you really want to be responsible for an ignoble return from their freshman semester because they spent money on shaving kit instead of top ramen noodles, pizza, beer and Cliff Notes? Better prepare for a second round of kit gifting less you ruin their prospects.

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That's fantastic, Michael.  As for second guessing yourself on gear, nope, you couldn't have done better. Happy2

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I am a Damn Fine Shaver !!!
Nice way to pay it forward. Cool

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Rob || A parrot gave me my first Feather. I took it from there.
Great selection!

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Looks like you did fine with the gear. I usually start new folks out with a VDH set. Good man! You may proceed along the path (aka carry on)

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Great choices!

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Thanks for the kind words, gents!

Followup: The older boy went away to college in the Fall, and is still wet shaving, and all his friends think he's very cool, very 'retro', and most importantly the outbreaks on his face have disappeared! I gave him a Rockwell for his graduation present, and that's all he shaves with.

The younger one has just started to shave, but makes a lather like someone who's been doing this for years. And he has zero fear of the razor.

I hope they keep with it, and hopefully, I've done my part in keeping the wet shaving flame alit for another generation!

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