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Ok... where should I start?
"EPIC" is a word that has been demoted to the lowest tier of an understatement for the shave today. 

FIRST, THE BRUSH - 26mm (Plisson type) Synthetic in a Coffee Wood handmade handle:
This one I made myself form start to finish. Here's the story: After some research and love for brush making, I found that the wood that comes from the coffee plant is fantastic. I flew down to El Salvador for my dad's surgery three weeks ago and knew my family had a few pieces lying around. We have a coffee plantation in El Salvador, and you have to change the crops every few years. So I picked up some pieces to play with. 
I wanted to keep them rustic. so sanding away all the bark and left some knots (wood ones, not hair ones LOL). 
I coated it with some varnish and placed a 26mm synthetic knot. same fibers as the Plisson, but to my specs.
I almost shed a tear using this brush. It was beyond amazement.

THE RAZOR: Custom Stainless Steel "Thor's Hammer - Mjölnir" Handle. / Maggard head.

This was lathe-turned for me by a family friend and it is a monster of a handle. It's the second largest after the MR8 that I've tried. the knurling ended up fantastically well and the finish is pristine. It was also an experience to never forget.

For all of these new toys I had to pull my all time favorite soap/scent: Mike's Natural Pine & Cedarwood. 
This one has a special place in my heart because It was the one that made my head explode when I was starting traditional shaving. I didn't know it could be THIS good!

Have a great Tuesday guys!!!
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Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito.

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Cooo ooool Big Grin

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Jaw dropping! Smile
Man U knocked that one out of the park!

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That's darn impressive DIY in wet shaving at its finest.

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Wow, very very nice.

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That brush looks awesome.
Great job!

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like it very rugged and natural

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