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The Zeppelin is a razor that has been made by Seygus in Spain over the last few years.

The baseplate and top cap are curved and this eliminates blade chatter by clamping the blade in an inverse smile type arrangement. Whilst this has been present in a vintage razor model in the past, this is, as far as I am aware, unique in today’s market.

[Image: c150c012c22b4f65304dbb26ed6ace49.plist]

I did a by side comparison shave between my older v2 Zeppelin (that I’ve had for a couple of years now) and my new Ti version.

Both have a 0.7mm Blade gap on the scalloped side of the baseplate and a 0.5mm blade gap on the smooth side.

Seygus will make variations in the blade gap between 0.5mm to 0.9mm to order (and used to make a 0.3mm blade gap in the original version).

There are some noticeable differences between the two razors (aside from the coming in a leather pouch and the newer razor coming in a tin case).

[Image: 4e83ba4d667ac585514b69b7fad2b1aa.plist]

The older razor has a 10/32 thread (and the head will fit my Carbon R2 handle), whilst the newer version has an M5 thread.

[Image: f5741f3c87e22bfd64fee09e2b07127e.plist]
[Image: c1c1a66a5cf3afff41b9fb281991f8e2.plist]
[Image: d46a216935856ff435e4a398b8334948.plist]

There have been some slight design changes on the edges of the baseplate and top cap as well.

Both shave excellently well on each side of the head. The Ti version, whilst noticeably lighter, also feels slightly smoother.

They’re both great razors and I’d definitely recommend getting one if you have the chance.

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I love my Zeppelin. I have to .50/.70 and I ordered directly from Seygus. I love the updated handle with the Ss pattern. I regret not picking up the old school aluminum version they released a few years back.

Great company.

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it's a lovely razor. very comfortable and very effective.
[Image: 525b53c044det.jpg]

[Image: 7ee05f37b8c9t.jpg]

[Image: 71e415fad5cft.jpg]

[Image: f203a79e763dt.jpg]

[Image: 10f8f8ff809ct.jpg]

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Forgive my English.

Respectfully, Sergey.
As a former traditional straight razor shaver and now shavette shaver, i can't get over the frown.

Lots of straights have a slight smile. Frowns on a straight usually mean that the razor has been poorly or improperly honed. So I have this association in my head that frowns are bad.

That DE razor has an obvious and pronounced frown. It might be a great shaver but it is producing cognitive dissonance for me.

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very nice, very nice, very nice, very nice.....maybe in the next world

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