Philadelphia, PA
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Hi everyone,

Thalasos (Gustavo) of Seygus was kind enough to send me two brand new Seygus DE razors to use as a pass around for the forum, one in blue, the other is red. One of the razors will be used within the USA, while the other will be sent abroad.

The pass around has the standard rules...use it for a week, then pass it off to the next person on the list and provide some feedback when you're done. When the razor has been received and/or is on its way to the next person, please post in this thread what's going on.

I'll ship the razor with 5 brand new astra sp blades (not sure about shipping blades abroad - someone please confirm if this is legal or not). if possible, replace the blade(s) with new ones when shipping it off to the next individual on the list.

The razor weighs in at 1.9oz or 55g, per my scale.

Here's some feedback that would be appreciated once you're done trying out the razor:

1. Finish
a. Head
b. Handle [grip/length/etc.]
c. Weight
2. Efficiency [Mild, Aggressive]
3. Value
4. Ease of Use [blade angle, loading blade, etc.]
5. Bottom Line

Reply to this thread that you're in and where you're located (country only is fine), and I'll add you to the list.

Photos of the razors:

[Image: vlUqAKf.jpg]

[Image: hzsmvBk.jpg]

[Image: i8QLzdZ.jpg]

[Image: agLa1SY.jpg]

[Image: c8VEYS4.jpg]

[Image: Cz9C24Q.jpg]

[Image: G6rWXjb.jpg]

[Image: dnIxCxE.jpg]

[Image: bs5dVyx.jpg]

[Image: L4XSs7v.jpg]

[Image: N95D305.jpg]

[Image: Ng84RHP.jpg]

[Image: phwZYki.jpg]

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Philadelphia, PA
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1- Truckman
2- GloryUprising
3- BadDad
4- mastershake
5- drjenkins
6- wyze0ne
7- w_mcnabb
8- ram57
9- rkrmr1963
10- MikeS
11- wingdo
12- Lfs70
13- Asafiev
14- Red Tipped Cobra
15- sinistral
16- FulhamShaver
17- andrewjs18

1- Walter (Canada)
2- Pepfire (Canada)
3- KungOscar (Sweden)
4- @"rogue13" (England)
5- ckeskin (Turkey)
6- oversaturn (Portugal)
7- WindsorCitrus (UK)
8- captain_hx (Cyprus)
9- Pete123 (USA)
10- andrewjs18 (USA)
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I'm down. thanks!

USA, Virginia

That Bald Guy with the Big Beard
Bishop, CA
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I wouldn't mind giving it a try. I would also be happy to donate a couple tucks of blades just so they are available...

Im in the USA...

And just for the record, I fully understand if i have not been here long enough to participate. Completely understandable if that is the case.
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I am in Montreal, Canada.

No problem sending blades. Done it several times.

Chazz Reinhold HOF
Gustavo and Andrew, thanks for your generosity. I am sure the members are going to like it, I know I do Happy2

The Red and Blue razors are beautiful.

But I'm not in the pass around.
DE Gillette

Philadelphia, PA
I forgot to ask people where they're located (country will do). please edit your post to include this information so I know which list to add you to.

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Really interested in this razor. Would very much like to be on the list.
Lives in Sweden.

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im in to try it out. usa

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