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I have been collaborating with Semogue since 2009 , when Truckman (the first admin and founder of this forum) and myself contacted Bruno from Vintage Scent to create the Semogue 2009 limited edition boar brush , which was the origin of the Semogue Owners Club brush and section (used to be on this forum for all the Semogue fans).
Since then , I have been involved directly or indirectly in over 12 Semogue limited edition brushes for different forums.

This year , to celebrate the 10th anniversary of foroafeitado.com , Semogue have released two limited edition brushes , with a handle design based on a vintage one , the Semogue 209.

Only 100 have been made and 50 has Selected Silvertip and 50 Finest badger two band.

The Selected Silvertip is a very rare type of hair.The closest one I can compare it is to the old shavemac D01 3 band hair (between 2010-2012) with a great backbone and extra soft tips while keeping a perfect flow for a 3 band badger hair.

[Image: yyGL5ME.jpg]

[Image: UPdpSzJ.jpg]

The finest badger two band is more some of the old Rooney's finest without the bleached tips but same scrub.

[Image: MX4uXRt.jpg]

[Image: 57DZJ3b.jpg]

Both brushes have a 24.5 mm knot.The Selected silvertip has a 53 mm knot while the finest two band has a 52 mm knot.Also both brushes are extra packed with hair since the idea was to create a "Chubby 1.5" brush

The Selected Silvertip is an all around brush : perfect for lathering soaps , creams , bowl lathering or face lathering.Its tips are extra soft but not the gel alike type

The finest badger is for the die hard facelatherer , the ones who likes triple milled soaps or shaving sticks , with some scrub , but no scratchiness at all.

The handle is very ergonomic , really comfortable to hold it while making lather , and is made of acrilic resin imitation ivory.

Each brush would be engraved on the boton like this :

[Image: 7JFMKK0.png]

You can find the remaining units in vintagescent.com

Here are the links to both brushes in case you're interested on getting one.

Semogue foroafeitado selected silvertip

Semogue foroafeitado finest badger

I can only say thank you to Bruno and Mr Gomes os Semogue.They have been friends for the last 10 years and it's been a privilege and honor to work with them , creating some brushes which have been enjoyed for many wet shavers.

If you get one , please , let us know here who you like the brush.

Thank you to the DFS administration for allowing me to post this thread.

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I saw your recommendation on Instagram & decided to place an order Friday night.

I accidentally hit the button twice while ordering & it charged me for two brushes. I’ve reached out to the owner through the website & PayPal to cancel/refund the 2nd order as I only want one brush.

I have not received any response from the owner as of yet. I really hope this can be corrected easily.

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