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I bought my first Seiko watch, a Seiko Turtle (SRP777), a few days ago second hand from a pal, but it was only worn a few times and in mint condition.

It was made in Japan, is a mechanical automatic, looks great, feels great on the wrist, glows in the dark pretty well, and it is keeping amazing time for a mechanical.  The silicone strap that it comes with is fantastic.

Generally speaking, I think that the Controle Officiel Suisse SES Chronometres (COSC) sets the standard by which Swiss mechanical watches are measured for accurate time keeping.  According to my research for a mechanical watch to be “certified” to their standard it should keep time to within -4 to +6 seconds each day.

I have a Casio Protrek digital watch that receives a pulse every morning from the atomic clock so that it resets to THE atomic standard of time once every day.  Don’t ask me how the atomic clocks  are calibrated...it blows my chicken nugget mind and deals with the time it takes to split an atom or something of that nature.  At any rate...the point is...the Protrek is ACCURATE.

So on the morning of the 18th I set the Turtle with the Protrek at exactly 0821.  

After the first 24 hour period this was how it did:

[Image: AHpmclQ.jpg]
Just over 5 seconds fast.

After the second 24 hour period here is how it was running:

[Image: iQ2KqZ0.jpg]
Another five seconds.

So I feel comfortable thinking that the Turtle is gaining just over five seconds per day...not too shabby!  At least I won’t be late!

[Image: Q5OeS8a.jpg]
This was after being in the sun all day...the Lumibrite does not glow that bright after being in a dark room all night.

Overall I am very happy, so happy in fact, I purchased a Seiko Nemo (just an LE Turtle made for the Asian Market).

Does anyone have any pictures of their Seiko watch or watches?



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I was browsing a watch forum, and found this picture on how to lay your mechanical watch based off of how it’s running...fast or slow.

[Image: OUk37Ct.jpg]
Since my watch was running just a shade over five seconds fast per 24 hour period, I laid it on its side last night.  Here was the result for today:
[Image: uZSVSI0.jpg]
Instead of gaining five seconds it lost about two seconds.  So for the three days I have been monitoring the timekeeping it is only +9 seconds ahead of the original time.

I think it’s kind of neat to compare very old school tech (mechanical movement) to cutting edge technology that receives a pulse early each morning from the atomic clock.



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Interesting. I used to semi collect Hamilton 992 railroad watches, and had a few of them. It's been years since then, but if you take the back off the watch one of the things engraved on the movement is "Adjusted to 5 Positions."

I asked a watchmaker friend what that was about and he said that since the railroad conductor had to have an accurate time piece the old railroad mechanical movements were made so that whether lying flat, on their face, or in various positions they wouldn't gain or lose time. 

I hadn't thought of that in years, until I say the 2nd post in the thread. The last watch I had was a Seiko. I destroyed it mountain biking. 

For the past decade my phone is my watch.  Smile

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Those pocket watches are pretty neat!  I will have to do some more research on them!  Classic!


I really think my Seikos are my Best Buys

I love and wear the Japanese model of the 007 when I'm fishing

The SUMO when out and about ( had a double dome crystal installed Now it is a real looker

And the TUNA just to show off! It glows brightest and longest of all my Seikos.

Do you have any pics to share...especially if the Tuna?  I might have to put that one on my radar!!!

As for now, the Turtle is keeping great time...+7 seconds total for four days of monitoring against the atomic watch!



[Image: y05KJ0e.jpg]

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I love my Turtle. I’ve worn it almost daily for the last two years or so. I put it on an aftermarket bracelet that I really like. My loses time, mainly when the spring gets low. I typically just set it 2min fast every month or so, and that’s accurate enough for me lol.
[Image: F6MGUbL.jpg]

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That bracelet is sharp...looking good!



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Thanks, it’s a Strapcode bracelet. I’d recommend it, good quality and nice fit.
Thanks!  I will check them out!



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