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I just organized a second group buy for foroafeitado and for all that want to enjoy a great two band shaving brush.This is not a foroafeitado brush LE but a chance for all of us to get a great brush for an excellent price.

Now we will be able to choose from the 167 , 177 and the 173 octogonal handle , with the same knot size 23 mm and loft , 52 mm (bulb) and 48 mm (fan shaped ) .Choose between bulb and fan shaped knots (I prefer bulb ) and colors between white , tortoise shell , blue marble and butterscotch.

Price will be 120 euros less taxes is you live outside USA , so if a heck of a deal.Brushes will be ready (depending how many units are sold ) in the next couple weeks , so it will be a perfect gift for Christmas.


Thanks to Bernd and shavemac (again) for this great deal in one of the best badger hair brushes I have tried since 2010.

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Well done Teiste and thanks for opening up to the community! I received my last group buy brush yesterday as mentioned and both test lathered as well as cleaned up my neck today. It will be a nice addition to the rotation!

I have one question: without disrupting the group buy, would you and/or Bernd consider offering a fan knot in the same config but at 46mm loft? If so, I would definitely jump back in but don't want to either cause problems nor confuse the group buy.

Thanks again for the kind offer and I would definitely encourage anyone considering a Shavemac to jump on this fantastic price!

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I'm with Kevin on this, if we could get the fan with a reduced loft, say 44-46mm that would be awesome. The bulb is great at 52mm, but I think for a fan it might be a bit too much. Great price too! Thanks once again.

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(I think I know who No.1 is!)
Or a D01 2-Band Big Grin
Gentlemen , the fan shaped will have 48 mm loft !
Hey folks,

Long time lurker. This deal sounds great. Placing my order presently.


Austin, TX
Thanks again Teiste- just ordered a fan, 173 blue marble.

Good stuff.
Hope you gentlemen enjoy (again) these brushes.We have until this coming Monday (December 7th) to take advantage of this price.After that , brushes will be made and should be deliver before Christmas.
Im craving Butterscotch!

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I just ordered a 167 and a 177, both with bulb knot and both ivory.

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