Hello!  I used a minty 1941 Gillette Aristocrat loaded with a Shick Plus Platinum blade from the early 1970s on its third use, along with Sebum Red...the sangria scented shave soap!

I loaded the soap with distilled water 1/2 tsp at a time until it was super-hydrated...right up to the edge.  The resulting lather was fantastic, and it had plenty of residual slickness.  The fragrance is that of a spicy sangria, and I love that boozy scent!

The end result was an extreme BBS with zero irritation, it doesn’t get any better!



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No joke hydrated to the edge, eh!
Just an old slow fat man
Yes Sir...it wasn’t dripping off of my face, but after my first pass, I reached for my shave brush and saw this...

[Image: ykjLsvN.jpg]

The performance was indeed excellent!


That is definitely some well-hydrated lather Matt.

How do you feel about the Sebum stuff in terms of if it’s worthy of the retail price?
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I try to look at things in terms of price vs quality vs how long it will last...one of the reasons I love Martin De Candre and Stirling soaps, and Santa Maria Novella and Castle Forbes creams!

So in my mind, there is no question that the Sebum Serums are worth the price...I believe that they are at the apex of post-shave serums, and one bottle will last a very very very long time.  5-10 drops is all that you need to do the job really well.

The soaps...initially I gave them a bum wrap and thought of them as just above average, because of a lack of residual slickness.  I don’t particularly care to use above average products...I want to use top tier/elite products.

However, when I changed my lathering technique I realized that I was the issue, and not the soap!  I am now getting superb lathers from the Sebum soaps, and they are now hitting on all cylinders for me including the residual slickness.

I feel comfortable saying that the soaps are worth the money.  You get seven ounces of a superb product that hits on all cylinders, and the packaging is also very high class/elite!  They use excellent ingredients, and the fragrances are amazing as well.

On a side note, using the sebum soap and serum for the same shave leads not only to a great shave, but the post shave feel is out of this world!

Here is the sebum soap lathering technique that I use now:

I switched to a large lathering bowl, and a smear the soap on the bottom.  I soak a synthetic brush in distilled water for one second, and then shake it out.  I then proceed to lather on the soap in the bottom of the bowl for 20 seconds clock wise, and then 20 seconds counterclockwise.  Then I start adding 1/2 tsp of distilled water at a time via a syringe, until I am happy with the consistency of the lather...this takes a tad bit more time, but it leads to perfection ensuring that I do not overhydrate or underhydrate.  Then once the lather in the bowl is perfect, I essentially paint it onto my face.  This has worked really really well for me, and when I control the water added 1/2 tsp at a time, it allows me to track how much water was used, to record it, and better replicate it during future shaves!

That is just my opinion based off of my experiences with these products.  I hope that helps!



PS. One caveat...I have not tried the entire sebum line of products...some, like the Fossil soap/serum and Blue soap are out of my price range. That being said, I have purchased the gold, purple, and red soaps; and I have purchased the blue, gold, purple, and lime serums. I am happy that I spent my money on those products, and I believe that they were worth it.

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I have Green, Blue, Lime, Latte, and Mandarin Holidays, in addition to matching serums, and find them to be the very best products available.

They are fantastic!

I used the Blue shave soap and serum today, and I would say that the Blue is better than the Sangria, and it certainly is in my top five favorite soaps of all time!

I had zero complaints, and the post shave feel was fabulous!



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