I have a question. When I use Sebum soap with a synthetic brush, I get great lather. But when I use a badger (Brad Sears, 28mm) with this soap, the result is not so good.
I see many SOTDs where people use their badgers with Sebum soap.
I would like to ask them to share their experience. How you work with this soap?

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Have read the same elsewhere too. Try loading in more product...

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Thanks, I'll try!
I can't remember where I read that the maker of Sebum soaps recommends bowl lathering with a "semi-dry" synthetic and slowly adding water to lather as needed.

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I didn't try a synthetic, but with a badger brush the lather of two different Sebum soaps was just mediocre, regardless of how much I loaded.

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I have tried few different sebum flavors with badger only and the result is always the same: very poor lather regardless of how much I load the brush, at first I thought it was the brush itself but then after using most of my badger brushes I was convinced that the problem was the soap indeed.
Haven’t tried with synthetic yet tho, However the serum is fantastic.
I’ll be interested to hear the folks opinion on this one.

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I have the sebum Limoncello and have used 3 different synthetics (Chubby 2, Muhle synthetic silver tip, and an Elite tuxedo). All three produced a tremendous amount of lather, but I followed the recommendation of using a semi dry synthetic and slowly added water to the bowl. I will use some badgers this week and see how it goes.

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I have gotten and seen great sebum lathers made with badger brushes.  That being said the proprietor does recommend synthetic brushes. They do the trick well also, and I imagine it also has to do with his environmentalist values.

You can go to YouTube, and type in “Sebum Gold Lather,” and it will bring up video of the proprietor lathering his own product.



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I have the sebum purple soap. Tried using a badger a few times. Couldn’t get the lather to where I wanted it to. The soap has a small window of tolerance for water and using a badger it’s easy to go over. Then used a synthetic, got much better results. Easier to hit that magic window of just enough water without adding too much. Has a good amount of slickness and good post shave feel. As stated above, the serum is awesome. I got the small gold sample. Not too crazy about the scent tho (even tho it’s somewhat feint).

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I used an M&F 28mm blonde badger brush today with my sebum Limoncello. Lather was not very good. It took much longer to whip up some lather than it does with a synthetic and it did not stay on my face very well. I get awesome results with synthetic brushes, will try again using a 3 band super badger and see if it performs better than the two band.

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