Kitsap county, WA
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Not sure if this is the right place, but after reviewing the other categories this seems to be the best fit.  Mods please let me know if this is the right spot or not.

Wanted to give everyone a heads up about a shave meet up being held in Seattle, WA USA on Sept 19th.  This is a free event for everyone.  I have shamelessly asked for donations from almost 100 different vendors and have received QUITE a bit of stuff to give out to people at the raffle.  There will be straights, safeties, brushes, soaps, creams, strops and more to look at and a lot of like minded folks to discuss your obsession hobby with.  Feel free to bring the significant other along, it's a nice place an I know others are doing the same.

The 2nd Annual Seattle Shave Convention is happening Sept 19th at Fados Irish Pub. We are trying to get together fellow wet shavers from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Northern California, and Western Canada. Anyone and everyone is encouraged to attend. Last years event was a lot of fun and think we can step it up a notch this year.

I have scraped together a website for a central point to reference updates and FAQs. www.seattleshavecon.com

Directions : Parking : Lodging

[Image: JdlsQM-KCUeTVh-uFAMmHchiUqYWxyWRWimLlSKv...BXQt8sRaUI][Image: T2nfr8COC4Q-XjGnBMpPxTYSedKAiT1ZeLqb9IUP...p5t6IRdwfI]

Join your friends for a fun filled, educational afternoon of all things related to razors and shaving, finally meet all of the people you have been chatting with online, and meet completely new shaving enthusiasts.

Some of the topics covered will be honing, stropping, maintenance of your equipment, restoration tips and tricks, loading a shaving brush, lathering a soap… you name it we will probably have someone there who can help.

Bring your razors, your brushes, your loom or whatever it is. If it's shave related we want to see it. Show it off or get a second opinion. Make us jealous.

Bringing friends who are interested in encouraged. You do not need to be part of a forum to attend. This is about bringing the community together, not creating differences. Selling and trading is allowed and encouraged.

Keep up to date with the latest and greatest news of who is coming to the meet, what goodies you will get to see and what is being raffled off. Sign up for our newsletter at www.seattleshavecon.com


And some of the vendors who have donated to the cause:

[Image: Z19HZ3p.jpg][Image: 5B7U629.jpg][Image: vNUsayN.jpg][Image: yWi2FIk.jpg][Image: TeOE6OY.jpg][Image: fDoRv9f.jpg][Image: FZhyISc.jpg][Image: QQ3nyn2.jpg][Image: Zll4N7u.jpg]

A big thanks to:

[Image: MCR2FFH.jpg][Image: lAPLhHn.jpg][Image: T4U4p3h.jpg][Image: k3XVu0F.jpg][Image: kSNymqJ.jpg][Image: HR8NBXN.jpg][Image: CsvWvox.jpg]

More support incoming from:
Executive Shaving
Badger Balm
Whipped Dog
The Shaving Edge

One last bit :Smile 

We also have a Limited Edition exclusive soap =being produced for the meetup by PAA.  This soap is ONLY available for pick up at the Seattle Shave Con.  Soap can be purchased on the Seattle Shave Con site.  Orders will no longer be accepted as of midnight Sept 4th.

"FLANNEL IN THE RAIN" a 2015 SSC exclusive!

[Image: iZ1NBVs.jpg]

Philadelphia, PA
this is the right place for it.

have fun! I'll be in Seattle at some point next year with my wife.

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Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito.
Wish I could go, but that's the ONE weekend I have booked with family. Dang.

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Kitsap county, WA
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For future reference, the meet will be the second or third weekend of September next year as well. The weather is still pretty good for most people traveling and most of the folks with family have wrapped up their summer vacation.

(08-15-2015, 07:41 AM)andrewjs18 Wrote: this is the right place for it.

have fun!  I'll be in Seattle at some point next year with my wife.

It's a fun city, I'm sure you will have a good time.

Kitsap county, WA
Two more vendors have kindly donated to the 2015 SSC meetup.

A BIG thanks to:
Shave Mac
Barrister and Mann

[Image: prHlu4n.jpg][Image: ruRvoM8.jpg]
I'll be there. I hope to learn some new tips and meet some great folks.

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Kitsap county, WA
Glad to hear it!  Face to face learning really makes a huge difference.


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Kitsap county, WA
Quick update / reminder:

1) The limited edition soap is only available for order until Sept 4th. If you are interested please order soon

2) If you are planning on coming to the meet up please say so in this thread or shoot me a PM. Trying to get a rough idea of numbers. So far I have the following from what has been posted in this thread:


Have a great day!


Kitsap county, WA
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Latest batch of donations!

[Image: LwE7SpH.jpg][Image: xKXlWUR.jpg][Image: KGkrZN3.jpg][Image: 9xAOndb.jpg]

Edwin Jagger
Dr. Mike's Shaving Emporium
Griffith Shaving Goods
Badger Shaving Company

Kitsap county, WA
[Image: F804zmL.jpg][Image: aslSJO6.jpg]

A few more donations in from our kind vendors:
iKon Razors
The Shave Doctor

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