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I have an unopened/unused tub of Seaforth! Sea Ice Lime Shave Soap that I'm not going to use.  Got so much stuff I'll never get to it so it's your gain.  Just say I'm in and I'll randomly pick a winner in 1 week.  Conus only folks.

[Image: W9vLn2k.png]

So far we have:
1. ALI
2. MountainBear
3. ewk
4. Lbkindy
5. DanLaw
6. green 69
7. mitchcumsteen
8. stickshift

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Wow very generous. I’m in! Thanks!

Idaho Falls, Idaho
Very Generous.
I’m in. Thanks. Good luck to all.
I'm in. Thank you for such a generous offer.

Just Here for the Shaves
Williamsburg, KY
"Not In" but kudos to your generosity
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A True Yo-Yo
I like me some bergamot and oakmoss - and I have never tried Seaforth. I'm in. Thanks!

New York
Awesome giveaway! That is very generous of you.

Respectfully Not In.

Posting Freak
Peachtree City, GA
Dan law

I'm in

For the Needs PIF

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I'm in.  Thank you for this.

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