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Hey in terms of slickness, post-shave, and protection (not the same as cushion). Which soap do you think reign supreme out of SDM, LPL, and SV.
For me I'd take SDM any day, then SV, and finally LPL. I seem to be one of the few that prefers MDC over LPL.

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I own one SDM, because there is only one official scented version, I own 8 LPL's and 6 SV's.

Based on these, I would have to say SDM is slightly better than LPL, LPL is slightly better than SV - but within all SV's and LPL's, some work better than others.

But all 3 brands make great soaps.

The post shave feel of SDM is the best, LPL and SV are about the same for me.

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Cheers, Claus from Denmark


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I'll be in the minority, but I'll take LPL.

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