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Unless this is an issue which to my understanding it shouldn't be I am posting links to threads i did on Schick Injector razors over at TSD since they are probably the most comprehensive information on these razors out there as of this posting. The reason i am not doing new posts is the amount of time and effort it will take to rehost the pictures and write up new threads is more work than I want to take on.

Without further fanfare here are the links to the guides.

Schick injector timeline.
This covers major razor introduction dates and sales date ranges. Some of labels may contradict the dummies guides since this was the precursor to them and was never reconciled. It has ads and other info that are not in the dummies guides and is complimentary piece to them.

Schick injectors for dummies guides
This covers all the various razors from Type's A - O in the Schick alphabet.

Type A, B, C

Type D, O

Type E

Type F

Type H, K aka Lady Eversharp razors

Type G

Type I and J

Type L

Type M

Type N

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