Hello guys, I am fairly new to the DE shaving world (5-6 months) and when I began shaving about 15 years ago all the cartridge razors I tried gave me irritation and ingrown hairs.  Then one day I tested a new Schick Hydro 5 that was sent as a freebie with a package and fell in love right away.  

The Hydro was the first razor that never gave me irritation or ingrown hairs and I continued to use it for many years.  About 2 years ago I noticed the blades felt much duller and they started giving me irritation and ingrown hairs just like all the other cartridges I tried many years ago.  This is what finally got me into DE shaving.  

After some research and looking at the packages the old Schick Hydro said on the package that the blades were made in Germany by Wilkinson Sword.  The newer ones say the blades are made in the USA by Edgewell.  It just so happens that German Wilkies are tied for my favorite DE blade along with Astra SP.  

Has anyone else shaved with the Hydro and noticed the difference?  Even if they offered the old Wilkie blades again I doubt I’d ever switch back at this point since I’m hooked to the DE razors and got the RAD pretty bad.  And I love the history.  But I miss the old Hydros and would like to still be able to use them on occasion, especially when you don’t want to worry about looking as you shave like in the shower or if your in a hurry.  

I’ve found in life if there is something you really like and that product will last for years to come you should stock up on it because odds are that company will change it and screw it up eventually.  It’s a huge annoyance of mine and so many products I love are constantly being changed for one reason or another.

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I used to like the Schick Hydro razors until I started using straight razors, DE razors and SE razors. I still keep a few cartridge razors for occasional use My new favorites are the BIC Flex 5 Hybrid. As I have aged, my beard has gotten tougher. The BIC razors (like BIC Chrome Platinum DE blades) seem to be sharper than most. The Gillette and Schick cartridges tug at my beard rather than slicing through it.

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