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I couldn't find the model that opens on Ebay, so I figured why not get rid of that bump that keeps the clip in place.
First I used pliers to lift the clip and turn it sideways.
10 seconds with a dremel and viola.

[Image: fhcEmbA.jpg]

Over 70 years old... it was pretty grimy inside.... but its clean now:

[Image: KHdpxSb.jpg]

Ready to go with a proper blade!

[Image: Ypjki5j.jpg]



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Philadelphia, PA
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interesting! how do you like the proline blades in there versus regular injector blades?
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(09-23-2018, 09:49 PM)andrewjs18 Wrote: interesting!  how do you like the proline blades in there versus regular injector blades?

Compared to Personna bladed, there is no competition, the ProLine blades are sharper and smoother.

It has been 6 years since I tried the Chinese Schick blades that came in the yellow 7-pack. I didn't like them then, so I didn't feel it necessary to try them again.

In my AC razors I switched to ProLine blades, for me they are far better than Feather/Kai blades.

[Image: dgeGUjR.jpg]

It is actually a pretty nice razor. Half way between the Hawk and MR-SE. Not my favorite, but nice to have in rotation.

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Manitoba, Canada
I just recently acquired the E2 and I opened it and cleaned it and was later told that razor isn't made for that. I'm interested to see if this mod affects the "spring" holding everything together.

The E2 is a great shaver.
Wasn't meant for that... well the earlier models were meant for that , so they can ge properly cleaned. Did they change anything?

No not really.

These are cheaply made, stamped brass sheet. Nothing like the tank like Gillette. At one point these started to come with a 20 year warranty. If handled with care, these should last. If handled clumsily, the clip is a weak point that would break first, so it meant good business sense to make these impossible to open without tools.
Not such hygienic sense though, these get pretty dirty inside. .
Or, you could have Dremeled off the right ear tab.
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(09-27-2018, 02:53 AM)BPman Wrote: Or, you could have Dremeled off the right ear tab.

There are two types of clips/springs:
[Image: SCcZi8l.jpg]

The older one from the left, remnant of the original models the were "meant" to be opened, and the left bump I dremeled off was added later.

The newer two-tine-fork, on the right, that made it to the G models and in that case, yes, the right tab should be dremeled off
I am just afraid it might void the warranty Angel

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