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Are there any scents for you that your significant other just can't stand, but you try and find a way to make it work anyway? Maybe you use in when your travelling, when she's gone, or possibly you just take the flack for using it at all Big Grin

My wife really hates fennel scents, but I love them. There is a Henri et Victoria soap called Absinthe that he released in a limited batch, and I just love the scent. My wife, not so much. I just make sure to put on a healthy dose of strong aftershave, but it's always a bit sad I can't let the Absinthe linger.
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The Veg. She says it smells like talcum-powdered cow patty.

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Lethbridge, Alberta
(04-01-2016, 01:20 AM)CCity Wrote: The Veg. She says it smells like talcum-powdered cow patty.

Haha that is one of the better descriptions I've heard!
Live well, shave well

My wife hates B&M Leviathan. I didn't like it initially. Now I like it, but don't love it.

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No scent is ever going to please everyone.  Is there any scent that both of you love?  If not then hopefully there is something that you both like.  Hey, it's called compromise. Winking

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My wife dislikes a lot of my scents so I won't list them. She has liked everything from Catie's and SV, and she likes several B&Ms. The ones she doesn't like I just can't get too close until the aftershave dies down. She loves Night Music and Leviathan though, or at least the aftershaves. Her favrote scents of all time would have to be CB Jardin D' Or and SV Manna. She also likes Oceana and Sandalwood from the Latha line, and Pre de Provence No. 63.

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Anything bay rum ... she claims I smell like a Christmas ham!

And Jabonman Wet Earth ... my daughter suggested the fertilizer aisle at Home Depot and the wife just said "worms"!

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TOBS Sandalwood, unfortunately it's one of my favourite scents, it make me nostalgic as it was my first "real" shaving cream

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Pinuad Clubman. She says it reminds her of two things:

[Image: the-ultimate-popped-collar-25591-1275849480-107.jpg]


[Image: grumpy-old-man-19577484.jpg]

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Absolue Pour le Soir Tongue.

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