I've recently started using a beard oil and a balm on my mustache and chin beard. The oil is slightly lime scented and the balm is unscented. I'm never used these sorts of things before, so I don't know much about them -- other than my whiskers are now softer, shinier and more manageable. Are most of these products scented or unscented and which do you prefer?

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I always use scented. The brands that I use are all mixed using only essential oils, so the scent really fades fairly quickly. Even the strongest is typically gone before 10am, or is at least undetectable to me, and considering how close my mustache is to me nose...you get the drift...

As a side note...no way could I have the beard I have without oils and balms. It eliminated the itch early on, and lets me have a good amount of control. Plus it makes it look healthy and shiny, like conditioner for your facial hair...
-Chris~Head Shaver~
Thanks Chris.
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I also use oil for my 'stache. I only have one scented one and its really good stuff. Detroit Grooming Co. grooming oil in their "Corktown" scent (tobacco, vanilla, cedarwood). I usually only use it if I do a tobacco themed shave because the scent is pretty strong and competes with other fragrances otherwise. If I don't use that, my wife has a big bottle of sweet almond oil that I dip into. Of course its unscented so no worries about clashing with my AS. I think overall, I would tend to lean towards unscented so I can have the variety of different scents each day and not have to smell the same thing right under my nose. I have no interest in also starting a collection of different scented oils to match with my AS, soaps etc.! Real estate in the bathroom is running short as it is.
- Jeff
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Thanks Jeff.
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I have a moustache (no beard). On a recommendation from BadDad, I have been using a plain glue stick like little kids use for art projects. It is odorless and works great. If I want light hold, then I put it on lightly; if I want heavy hold, then I put it on heavy. This allows me to put AS on my moustache so I can smell it longer and avoids scent clashing between AS and moustache balm.
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Hi @"Uzi" I like a mildly scented beard oil when I grow my winter beard. I use a beard wash/conditioner as well so its not like my beard smells otherwise but something bay rum or barbershop smelling is nice. I've been using Grave Before Shave brand which I like.
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I typically just rub my aftershave balm through my beard. I haven't noticed any problems since I started doing that. that said though, if I'm wanting to used an aftershave splash with alcohol in it, I'll use my unscented beard oil.
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Back to our regularly scheduled beard oil discussion...
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