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Nashville, TN
I'm a fan of alcohol based after shave splash. I've noticed that a couple of the old school ones lose most of their scent over time. I suspect its due to the air in the empty part of the container, though can't say for sure.

The two that have done this are Lucky Tiger Bay Rum and one of the Clubman Pinaud Musk.

Has anyone else had scent weaken over time?

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Yes and the solution for your solution is in wine. There are systems to remove air from decanted ( opened in English) bottles so you can keep the remaining portion unchanged from continued aeration or mom's meatloaf leftovers in the fridge.

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I haven't experienced this yet but considering how many splashes I have, it's probably only a matter of time.

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Light and heat are the enemy with oxygen a distant third. This is why wine comes in dark glass. How are you storing your scents?

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Nashville, TN
I leave them sitting on the bathroom counter. Heat won't be an issue, though light could contribute.

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Bloomsbury, NJ 08804
Just make sure you close the container tightly!

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