Hey I saw this today what is it and is this a good deal? Don't want to overpay....[Image: BSBWNpw.jpg][Image: GfQjAUI.jpg][Image: rBzqIx9.jpg]
Cool stuff ! The brush is a rubberset
The attraction for me would be the vintage esthetic. I would think that $15.00 is not a bad price, but I can't say this with any experience. Just the history of it would be my value for this.

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Ames, Iowa
That brush is worth the $15 IMHO, I'd definitely pick it up, restore it and put a new knot in it.
This thread was from last year. I did not get it because when I went back it was gone... I have gotten plenty of other things since then that I'm just as happy with though so it worked out.

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