Has anybody tried the new Cosmo formulation of Saponificio Varesino? I was going to buy a tin, but I can't find a a description of the scent. If you've tried it, what did you think about it?

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Ask WindsorCitrus, I think I saw in another thread that he picked up some of that.

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- Jeff
There was some discussion on this in the luxury soaps/creams thread.

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Restitutor Orbis
Heard it has Oud hence it piqued my interest.
Cosmo smells similar to Floid Black but with a coffee note. It's performance is on par with other SV soaps.

The scent description is here https://www.instagram.com/p/BCpzl7NwMwV/
and you can notice the similarity with this cologne http://www.fragrantica.com/perfume/Jo-Ma...-8278.html

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I have tried Cosmo, but so far only one shave so I can't really give you the most in depth report but so far it appears to be very good and I was impressed with the post shave.

The scent is a very complex scent as shown above in the scent pyramid. I definately get the coffee and citrus. The citrus does come out a little more in the aftershave. The soap has a very light spice to it but it is a smooth spice not a harsh one, I think this probably comes from the coriander. I also get the vanilla that makes it ever so slightly sweet.

Overall I am impressed so far.

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Uses SV Cosmo for the first time the other day. The scent is lighter than Manna or Felce, but very complex scent. I pick up a slightly sweet sandalwood, maybe coffee with a small touch of floral. Pretty interestinG scent. Not a fan of metal tins, so I transfered it to a bowl with a lid.

On a side note, tried Felce Aromatica this morning and what a beautiful clean scent. It's obvious a lot of thought and testing went into making these scents.
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(04-26-2016, 08:58 PM)Uzi Wrote: Has anybody tried the new Cosmo formulation of Saponificio Varesino?  I was going to buy a tin, but I can't find a a description of the scent.  If you've tried it, what did you think about it?

I was thinking of picking it up but might go with Fern instead. Shaving.ie has it for $27.07, which is far cheaper than anywhere else that I know of.
I have this soap and from my experience, it isn't a big oud scent. However, it is a tad warm but fresh (not like limes or citrus though). At times, the whiffs remind me of Yves St Laurent pour homme cologne. However, it isn't a direct match. It is a very, very nice scent.
I do pick up a very, very slight hint of coffee but I don't think you would notice it too much if you were not searching for it. The scent isn't too overpowering but the scent does fill the bathroom. Everything blends well and is balanced. This can easily be worn as a cologne in my preferences. Slickness is one of the best I have felt. I believe it tops B&M. It takes multiple splashes of water to get rid of the residual slickness and soap.
I didn't enjoy the Artic Tundra's performance that much, but this one is better for some reason (even though they are the same formulations, I believe). My wife likes this among my soaps, including iColoniali.

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