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I received my faux-tortoise shell brush this week, mine crowned with a golden pewter ring. The presentation is very classy, the veneer wooden tube and leather closure are delicate and unique, probably the nicest I have ever seen, but I didn't buy this brush for the box.

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The brush had a nice protective foam fabric wrapped around the pewter ring to protect it on it's long yet very quick journey. It also came with a descriptive card held in place by the leather strap telling about the knot, handle and pewter ring construction. I noticed a bit of dust clinging to the handle which I easily wiped off, this probably came from the wooden container and should have been avoided at the factory by stepping up the finishing process, but I'm nitpicking really.

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After wiping off the dust and removing the protective foam I tested the ergonomics and measured the obviously larger than advertised knot, listed as 26mm on the website. As expected the handle is a bit hefty due to the pewter ring, but it is indeed well balanced. The hair used for this knot are clearly well sorted and feels very soft right out of the box. Putting my calipers to use I measure a knot diameter of 30mm with a loft of 51mm. Density is respectable, but not what I would consider to be on the high-end.

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The faux-tortoise resin is translucent, allowing ambient light to easily penetrate and making the contrasting colors pop. The shape of the handle is nice, but nothing imaginative, nor impressive. With the pewter crown though, it does pass the eye test.

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Using the brush for today's SOTD, I can easily declare this brush as worthy. With over 100 brushes in my collection and over 200 others that have been passed along, I have a very clear understanding of my preferences and tolerances. This brush is not only adequate in performance, it is downright enjoyable to use. I typically prefer handles under 60mm in height, with 50-55mm being my sweet-spot. This handle comes in just slightly taller at 63mm. The knot is the true star of the show here with moderate backbone and splay, gravitating much more to firm than soft, and the tips are very soft from the get-go. Face lathering was so enjoyable that I spent more time working the lather than necessary, something I enjoy doing when I have a brush that feels this nice.

People will want to know how this brush compares to other high-end brushes on the market and I am always hesitant to offer comparisons given the vast difference in experiences and variances in hair quality over time as manufacturer's go through different batches of hair. Also given that I have only used the brush once I don't feel that I am ready to make such a determination. I will say that the brush is absolutely worth the near $200 it took to acquire and would proudly give a thumbs up to those looking for a recommendation.

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Very cool looking brush blzrfn. It looks like something a king would use or find in his treasure chest next to his golden straight razor! I really like the photo where you put the light under it. Cool shot!

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- Jeff
Wow! That's all I can think of to say.

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Those are beautiful brushes. Hope it helps to give you many great shaves.

Vancouver, WA USA
This brush continues to impress me...

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Love the brush, but using their new online store eludes me. I cannot seem to add the brush in the same store as the soaps, and it keeps reverting to Italian w/o an option to go back to English. Sad as that is an awesome looking brush, I'd love one with the standard Pewter ring.

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