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When the little voice in your head says, "don't do it", you should listen. I was contacted yesterday by wetshavingphd with a Wolfman .86 SB and stand for sale. He was responding to a WTB post by me from several months ago. He said all the right things and provided a picture of the razor for sale. He wanted payment by PayPal Friends and Family because he had been burned selling both a Rooney Finest and a Simpson Manchurian in the past. I know it was stupid to check my brains at the door, but I wanted the razor. Needless, to say my new friend Derrick, at derrickmiller329@gmail.com is in the wind. His PM account has been deactivated at DFS and I am a bit wiser, but also poorer. Posting this in an effort to help those that have not yet been humbled by unbridled hubris.

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Wow. That was painful to read. I am sorry you are going through this. F&F on PayPal transactions should be limited to Friends and Family. It's like sending cash in the mail.

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You said it brother. Thanks.

Damn man that sucks! I'm sorry to hear that. Hopefully the prick will get what's coming to him.

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I'm very sorry to hear that this has happened to you never2close.  It is a shame that someone would take advantage like this.

I normally insist on PayPal G&S when buying things.  I only use Friends & Family with a few folks who I know well enough to trust.  

I'm sure karma will return the favor. Usually does.(I know this doesn't help you now. Sorry.)

Oh, and thanks for the heads up!

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That sucks, he contact me too about an M&F 3XL post I had a while back. I was in no intention on buying and had no idea who he was. Then someone mentioned on Facebook who this person was. I didn't go through with the deal because the price was too much and well I fortunately knew it was a scammer.

The PayPal you mentioned has been reported to PayPal and they will never be able to have a PP account again. I'm not sure if you can contact PP due to the escalation of the PP account, maybe you can get your money back due to the fraud issue.

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Sorry to hear that and thank you for sharing this experience.

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I'm sorry this happened to you.  I received a message from forum member Urolex (Stan) that he too had been contacted by Derrick offering 3 Rooney Finests, but Stan recognized the image Derrick sent as being one of mine, which I posted in 2012 to show my new brushes. He reported Derrick to administrators of the forums, and Derrick subsequently was banned. But it's a shame anyone had to suffer from this scammer.

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So sorry to hear about your interaction with a scam artist. Any way of knowing where he is from? There are ways of finding them. You just have to be creative. And patient. I know they say revenge isn't the answer but if you are successful, it is so so satisfying. I'm sure this isn't the only site he lurks on.

I will say if anyone else has been scammed by this low life please come forward, the more info that PayPal can get regarding this guy the worse the outcome is for him.

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On an eternal den clearing mission at this point.

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