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Thinking of pulling the trigger on one of these as with the Xmas season approaching RAD is at it's speak and I'd like to try an SE razor...and the Sabre had a definite cool factor (for me) ilike medium efficiency DEs so any suggestions on which plate? I am thinking the more agressive of the two.

Thoughts appreciated

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Level 1 is super mild to me. I've never used the level 2 plate, but if I were you, I'd go with that one.

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The Sabre level 1 is quite mild, so the level 2 might be better suited to you, but you'll have to experiment with them to really understand which one works best for you. Shane has a 30-day guarantee, so you could just order both plates and return the one that is less effective, for you.

If you haven't ever tried an SE GEM-type razor, why don't you get a vintage one to see if you like them, then you can order the Sabre if these type of razors suit you? Just a thought. Either way, with the return policy offered by Shane, it would be worth your time to try the Sabre.
Good luck. Shy
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I have the Sabre with both plates.  Among all my safety razors, the Sabre has become my goto.  I agree that level 1 is very mild, but I still get glorious shaves with it.  Level 2 is also fine, but a very different shaving experience.    As celestino pointed out, you can buy both and return one of  them.

OTOH, I myself would not suggest trying a vintage one first.  I feel this way mainly because I think any blade format can be great if you learn how to use it, so I would not worry about that.  And while it is true that a vintage GEM blade will be equally rigid in a modern or vintage razor, it is also true that a vintage razor may or may not be on spec, whereas a Blackland Sabre will be on spec to a very high tolerance.  Some vintage GEM razors look nothing like the Sabre, and even those with broadly similar geometry to the Sabre  (e.g. G-Bar and Clog-pruf) won't have the same handle,  heft, or balance.

And speaking of handle, FYI I do not use the Blackland handle with the Sabre.  I use either the Maggard MR-15 or the ATT Kronos handle.

Good luck whichever way you go.

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