DFS The Trench Collaboration with HAGS & The Shave Supply. Going live on 7/5/2024. Read more here!!

Available through him and West Coast Shaving. Anybody else know about this?

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No but this sounds great.

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I'm surprised it has taken this long for Mike to come out with an aftershave. He's one of the 'original' artisans to make shaving soaps.
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gone to Carolina in my mind
If they’re as good as the soaps, I’m glad to hear it. Thx for the heads-up.
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That would be epic (well, as far as wet shaving goes). His soaps are peerless IMHO.
I sent him an email, but not sure how quick he is to respond.

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Yep, it's happening! Check WCS Facebook page. Pics and all.

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Eleven shaving
Guess I'll wait to see what the prices are and how long the scent hangs around.
Would be interested to know what the ingredient list will be, I had posted something on the WCS FB page but didn't get a response so if anyone hears anything feel free to share it here!
Actually just got a note back about the ingredients... was told its Alcohol, distilled water, polysorbate20, Fragrance

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