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I think that I already know the answer, but looking for general opinions on this.

Is this too much of a knot for this handle?

[Image: debf5dc24a59967e99fcfab4b1f81fcf.jpg][Image: 9fba88f19a7d78f1fc704b577052e091.jpg][Image: 8ffabd443b44b8f83148c872e41c365d.jpg]

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I think it sits too tall, but that is only from a visual perspective. If you could set it lower, it might look more appropriate for the handle. However, if I remember correctly, those rubberset handles are rather shallow. You might not have room for any deeper setting.

Then again, I don't see the base... So it is set in enough to work, id imagine.

How does it feel, at that depth? Any weird behavior from the setting, that you can tell?

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Is the top of the glue base even with the top of the handle? If so you need to set it deeper, at least twice as deep as it is now, which may mean you'll need to go 2mm smaller on the knot. It's hard to know from a computer image.

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