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Or trade, no marks to coating, slight manufacturing marks underneath as expected
Too mild for me
Excellent condition, no box
$200, located in UK
Shipping of your choice extra

[Image: image_zpsdpbcrulf.jpeg]

[Image: image_zpsovxg2zse.png]
[Image: image_zpspds1kzyh.jpeg]
Making sure I understand. You have a RR Stainless Stealth DLC for trade?

Some reason I'm reading the "or trade RR Stealth" as you looking for an aluminum stealth?

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I see where there could be confusion, will edit thanks
appears to be aluminum version, but i could be wrong.
We know, thanks
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(03-20-2016, 08:48 AM)HOLYZEUS Wrote: We know, thanks
I think they pointed it out as the aluminum versions were not DLC, the Stainless Steel versions were. There is a big difference between those two as well as between each Aluminum version.

I'm guessing potential buyers who see your 8 posts and attitude will be lining up to make you an offer that response.

But I could be wrong.
Apologies, i was sold it as DLC
What i can tell you is that its Black, aluminium and shaves very mild hence why it is not a keeper
I shall research properly!
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