Rocnel released a teaser on Instagram of a new SE. Looks like the same design, only bigger. I think it is going to be very heavy if they don't slim it down a little.

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rocnelNEW ! Rocnel SE50 (Feather Artist Club) 316 Stainless Steel-Slide System- First in the world ! via instagram
release date September with very low prices

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No pictures? Come on!

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Notice the slider head

[Image: RJm0Aqt.jpg]

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Very interesting concept. If it is as good as the original Rocnel, I'm in.

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(05-19-2016, 10:23 PM)hrfdez Wrote: Very interesting concept.  If it is as good as the original Rocnel, I'm in.

I agree, Hector!

I'm guessing this one will not be offered for $25? Angel

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apparently they have in making similar design for DE blades

[Image: 35n4swj1_zpsvawisgjk.jpg]

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Now THAT is intriguing. Smile

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This is something I always wanted to see on the market. Can't wait till its released!

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Very interesting indeed. I broke out the Rocnel for the first time over the weekend and very much like it.

Feels like a sledgehammer with a blade [I love heavier razors!].

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