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Rumor has it that Will at Barrister_N_Mann may at least have the inkling of an idea to have another production run for Roam. Now, I don't know how accurate or how much appetite Will does in fact have, but I thought I would start a thread to gauge interest.

This is one of my unicorns. Elusive, ephemeral there and not. What I do know is that anything that is described as:

"Inspired by the rugged individualism of American cattle ranchers, we blended the aromas of real pipe tobacco absolute, smoke, leather, herbs, damp earth, and grass into a bright, robust scent reminiscent of life on the open range. Timeless and virile, Roam hearkens back to the days of the Old West."

Is a must have, even if begging, cajoling and even light gunplay is involved.

Any other interested outlaws?

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This sounds great. I would love to have some of this.

This outlaw would wrangle up tub or two of this.

@Will, count this as a vote to create a run of this.

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Sounds like great stuff I'd get a tub myself

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Austin, TX
That makes three of us Smile

Clayton, CA
I stocked up before it went out of production. It is a truly unique scent. Not everyone's cup of tea, but one of my favorites. It deserves another run.


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Roam is a polarizing scent - you either love it or hate it. I think it was a slow mover as a normal run but, who knows, as a limited edition small run it could do alright. It is possible that it was discontinued only because the old cowboy from whose ass Will got the essential aroma passed on to the big cattle drive in the sky....

I love it and managed to get a soap and a kyovu in the end of run clear-out.

Anybody looking to trade a Hallows? The new unobtainium.

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I'm in too.

I had a sample back when I first discovered and started using B&M products. I was blown away by the scent because it was unlike ANYTHING I had ever been exposed to in wet shaving. I never got around to buying a jar until it was too late.

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Sounds like the smell of a tack room. Mmm, Mmm. I'm willing, it sounds great.

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umm yes please...

Austin, TX
Hmm... is all I will say. Thought I would resurrect this old thread for some odd reason.

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