We need some pictures of people's straights! Join In Smile

Here is mine, kept neatly in a cigar box.

Boker Elite 6/8

Kropp 5/8 Custom Scales

Wade & Butcher 5/8 Custom Scales

[Image: 9DhlQmN.jpg]
[Image: od5O12g.jpg]

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Oli AKA Windsor Citrus
Surrey, UK.

Castro Valley,CA
Some of my favorites.
[Image: 1vtYrTt.jpg]
[Image: k3XNLXP.jpg]
[Image: fslljfd.jpg]

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Loving these, come on gentleman more pictures! Smile
Oli AKA Windsor Citrus
Surrey, UK.

Santa Rosa - CA
[Image: 12407581_1100029926685510_682297006_n.jpg]

[Image: 12356394_822007857921884_1506956838_n.jpg]

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GroomingDept, I love the Kropp in the top picture very sophisticated looking!
Oli AKA Windsor Citrus
Surrey, UK.

Austin, TX
I have nothing to contribute other than appreciation [no straights] - beautiful straights gentlemen and thanks for sharing!

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I don't use a straight, though I did try a few years ago.  I managed to collect a few at that time and just hold on to them because I do like their look.  

Interestingly, the razor in the lower right of the photo came with a safety bar built onto it.

[Image: nKiNjfx.jpg]

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That bottom right one is interesting! Who made it?
Oli AKA Windsor Citrus
Surrey, UK.

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