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Company: Wickham Soap Company
Product: Super Smooth English Lavender

Wakeup With English Lavender

I’m going to talk about a soap I purchased back when I started Wet Shaving. I had no idea what I liked so I randomly just picked a few items on a website and waiting for the mail to arrive. When everything came in I looked at the Wickham soap and set it to the side. The reason for this had to be the packaging. Mine came in a flimsy white plastic tub with a yellow lid. I thought let me wait on this one for a while. That was over a year ago and many mail calls later.  

Despite the packaging the soap is rather unique. Two years of research and extensive testing went into bringing this product to market. The soap is extremely soft almost jelly like to the touch. When you open the lid the lavender jumps right out and hits you square in the face and doesn’t stop. I’m not sure if all the soaps from Wickham are strong like this but you really have to love lavender. I would give this a 9 out of 10 on the scent scale but moves to 10 when you’re lathering. The Notes: Traditional floral, herbaceous base with a hint of peppermint added for coolness and freshness from sweet top notes

Hows the lathering you say? This soap has it by the truckload. You only need to load a little on your brush to produce an amazing amount. Water was needed more than usual but nothing too radical. During the shave you have plenty of slickness and glide making this a great performer in these areas. 

I’m glad I took another look at this one. What a great soap. If you like a strong scented soap that preforms extremely well this one is for you.  

Wickham Super Smooth English Lavender
Price $25.00 4.93oz


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